Friendship or Fame is finally here!

Torn between her best friend and the cool kids...

Mia Vigore has an amazing voice and loves to sing, but she’s shy and introverted. With the help of her best friend Siarra, she finds the courage to join Senior Choir.

As Mia learns to share her talent, other students take notice, especially the competition. Mia decides to train with a more experienced singer and her friendship with Siarra becomes strained. With the prestigious Winter Festival solo on the line, Mia wonders if she has what it takes to be in the spotlight.

As she struggles through challenging new situations, a strained friendship, and troubles at home, can Mia discover what is really most important to her?

Friendship or Fame is an exciting, fast-paced story about a smart, thoughtful young girl trying to find her voice.

Will Mia give up on her dream of performing at the prestigious Winter Festival, or can she find the strength to be true to herself. Does she need to choose between friendship and fame?

Friendship or Fame is ideal for middle grade children aged 9-12.

The Step-By-Step series are realistic, coming-of-age stories featuring smart, funny, authentic characters dealing with challenging situations.

If your child enjoys Kate DiCamillo, Junie B Jones, and The Babysitter’s Club, then don’t miss Friendship or Fame by Paul Breau.

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