Anxiety stinks, especially when you’re the smartest kid in the school.


Jake Murphy is known as 'The Brain' at Central Elementary School, but he can't outsmart the anxiety that makes him choke under pressure. During a presentation in front of his classmates, Jake's anxiety takes over and he completely chokes. He gets relentlessly bullied by mean classmates and thinks his life couldn’t possibly get any worse.


He's wrong…


In an effort to help him ‘build character,’ Jake’s parents sign him up for karate lessons. Now, Jake must learn how to deal with his anxiety and figure out how to survive karate class.


If your child enjoyed Holes, Way of the Warrior Kid, and Max Crumbly, then don’t miss Jake Murphy The Karate Choke by Paul Breau.


What Amazon readers are saying:
★★★★★ “A great marriage of entertaining storytelling and insight into childhood anxiety”

★★★★★ “My son and I couldn’t put it down and it taught us a lot about facing your fears!”
★★★★★ “As both a teacher and a parent, I enjoyed reading this book. Highly recommended.”
★★★★★ “An authentic protagonist who speaks to the heart of anyone who's wrestled with anxiety.”
★★★★★ “My son struggles to find books he loves, but he loved this book.”

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Great for fans of:

  • The Karate Kid
  • Way of the Warrior Kid
  • Max Crumbly
  • Max and the MidKnights


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  • Middle grade fiction
  • Chapter books for boys 8-12 years old
  • Books that deal with anxiety
  • Books about emotions
  • Books about kindness
  • Martial Arts books

Jake Murphy The Karate Choke