A heartwarming story about ice skating, best friends, and a bully.


Siarra and her best friend Mia love ice skating and are excited to start their new lessons. If they pass the class, they’ll get to join an elite skating group. Unfortunately, Siarra struggles to find a way to deal with a faster skater who continually picks on her. Will she give up on her dream or can she can she figure out a way to deal with the skating bully?


Siarra Jones Skating Into Trouble is an exciting, coming-of-age story ideal for middle grade readers ages 8-12.


The Step-By-Step series are realistic, fast-paced stories that feature smart, funny, and authentic characters dealing with challenging situations.


If your child enjoys Kate DiCamillo, Junie B Jones, and The Babysitter’s Club, then don’t miss Siarra Jones Skating Into Trouble by Paul Breau.

Siarra Jones Skating Into Trouble